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Beyond Recyclable

Puritas is proud to introduce RPET, which is a “Break Through” in the bottled water category. Our line of environmentally friendly RPET water bottles are made entirely from previously recycled beverage containers. This is truly an industry first.

The major beverage companies (PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and others) are currently using 30% reduction in plastic in their beverage bottles. Whereas we have been utilizing the process for 100% recyclable plastic in our beverage bottles for more than 4 years.

Currently, about 33% of all plastic beverage containers in the U.S. are recycled. Most of the containers are made from PET (a clear plastic polymer used in package and container manufacturing), which has previously been found to include BPA and cancer-causing dioxins. Although that issue has been addressed and discontinued in the United States, we remain committed to finding ways to improve our products and position ourselves as an industry leader. The use of our previously recycled PET will allow all of us to reduce our CO2 Emissions by 1 -1 ½ pounds for every 1 pound of plastic recycled, while maintaining a BPA-free and wholesome high quality water product.

Renewable* Pouch with Recloseable Spout
Available Spring 2014

Supporting the fight for carbon footprint reduction, our flexible packaging exceeds the U.S. requirements for clean burning fuel such as coal, and has 21 times less impact than even our current 100% recycled RPET.